The Municipality of Paete, through its Bids and Award Committee (Bac), is inviting Philgeps registered supplier to Submit sealed quotation/proposal.

Approved Budget Php82,383.00
Submission datemarch 3-7, 2022 @9:00 am

Important Notice
1. All supplier shall Prepared an original and xerox copy of Mayor’s permit, COR-BIR, ITR latest, DTI and Philgeps Cert/Registration .
2. Price Validity of 30 CD
3. Supplier submit Brochure showing of the Product being offered if applicable
4. Warranty shall be for a period of six months for the supplies and atleast one year for the Equipment
5. Delivery period within 7 calendar days( (In case of failure to make the full delivery within the time specified above, a penalty of one-tenth (1/10) of one percent for everyday of delay shall be imposed)

pcs angle bar 1/4\”x1 1/2\”x 1 1/2\” 41
pcs GI pipe 1\ӯ #40 15
pcs GI pipe 1 1/2\ӯ #41 3
pcs 12mmØ RSB 85
box welding rod 6
pcs cutting disc 100
pcs grinding disc 5
gals epoxy primer 3
gals lacquer thinner 2
pcs paint brush 1 1/2\” 1
pcs baby roller brush 4\” 1
*** Nothing follows ***
Line Items