The Municipality of Paete, through its Bids and Award Committee (Bac), is inviting Philgeps registered supplier to Submit sealed quotation.

Approved Budget Php 81,300.00
Submission date : Feb 1-8, 2023 @9:00 am

Important Notice
1. All supplier shall Prepared an original and xerox copy of Mayor’s permit, COR-BIR, Omnibus statement, DTI and Philgeps Cert/Registration .
2. Price Validity of 30 CD
3. Supplier submit Brochure showing of the Product being offered if applicable
4. Warranty shall be for a period of six months for the supplies and atleast one year for the Equipment
5. Delivery period within 15 calendar days( (In case of failure to make the full delivery within the time specified above, a penalty of one-tenth (1/10) of one percent for everyday of delay shall be imposed)

unit Chainsaw 36inch 1
Non fill Cylinders: 91.6cc
power Mchine 5.2kw
Chain oil Tank Capacity:0.32ltr
Fuel capacity 0.68L
Max speed machine Bar & Chain: 13,500rpm
pcs Adult Swimming Lifejackets/Jacket lifevest 10
pc Extrication Device half spine board 1
pc Plumber Plumbing Piping Pipe Wrench 18
heavy duty max clamping diameter:60mm mobile 1
Ductile Cast Iron Black Finish and Polish Solid river
pc Rescue Boat 1
1m x2.7 x.42 dimension
Ligth Weight, Machine Made-Roramolded Technology
Can fit outboard motor up to 5hp or electric
out Board Motor, Typhoon Tested with Paddle
pc Plumber Plumbing Piping Pipe Wrench 24 1
Max Clamping Diameter:76 mm Mobile jaw
Ductile Cast Iron Black Finish and Polish Solid river
pcs LED Rechargeable Flood Light 2
Aluminum ABS, 3 gear, Battery include
4.2-5V voltage, lumen 1000
Charging USB, 6-12 hours
pc Flood Light Stand 2 meter 1 head 1
Flood Light Tripod, Telescopic Tripod
pc 20ltrs Gas Fuel Tank Container Emergency 1
Backup Tank
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