The Municipality of Paete, through its Bids and Award Committee (Bac), is inviting Philgeps registered supplier to Submit sealed quotation.

Approved Budget Php 99,913.80
Submission date : March 1-7, 2023 @9:00 am

Important Notice
1. All supplier shall Prepared an original and xerox copy of Mayor’s permit, COR-BIR, Ominbus statement, DTI and Philgeps Cert/Registration .
2. Price Validity of 30 CD
3. Supplier submit Brochure showing of the Product being offered if applicable
4. Warranty shall be for a period of six months for the supplies and atleast one year for the Equipment
5. Delivery period within 7 calendar days( (In case of failure to make the full delivery within the time specified above, a penalty of one-tenth (1/10) of one percent for everyday of delay shall be imposed)
6.License from Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) to operate as Drug

7.Certification from the Manufacturer which is duly accredited by the Department
of Health (DOH).

8.Certificate of Product Registration from FDA.

9. If the supplier is not the Manufacturer certification from the Manufacturer that supplier is an authorized distributor/dealer of the product.